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After installation is complete, a stone’s performance in the long-run is as special as the way it looks. The climate must be taken into consideration to know what type of stone is best – especially in environments constantly freezing and thawing. Miami Limestone is beautiful, durable, and comes with world-class customer service.

There are endless possibilities: the essence and overall aesthetic of the project depends on the overall combination of stone material. Whether the desired look is for a penthouse finish, mid-century classic stone, or a farmhouse with more weathered field stone, we will help find the perfect choice for you. Full depth & thin veneer is available, as well – to just in case your project needs that special touch.

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What is Miami Limestone?
Miami Limestone is limestone aggregates, screenings, and limerock sourced from local white rock quarries around Southern Florida. It is approved for use by the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT). Miami Limestone has been used in applications in South Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, etc including roadways, construction, pavers, and more.
Where do the materials come from?
Our limestones are sourced and mined directly in South Florida from multiple quarries. Depending on the location and quarry that is closest to you, we source the closest Miami Limestone to be used for your construction project or work site. The closest quarry to Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County is White Rock Quarries located in West Miami. Another popular Quarry to source Miami Limestone is Star Quarries in South Bay, Florida.
How do you deliver it?
Our product is delivered in two forms. The majority of our materials are loaded into a tandem (two axle) dump truck. A tandem dump truck has one axle in the front and a double axle in the back. The average tandem-axle dump truck is limited to about 13 tons of Miami Limestone each trip, in accordance with the federal bridge law as well as most state bridge laws. The other way that our materials are delivered is in an end dump. An end dump is what most people picture when they hear the term “dump truck.” As its name implies, an end dump trailer unloads out of its rear, with the “box” lifted into the air. An end dump unit is typically able to haul more weight because of the extra axels. End dumps are hooked to a semi and are trailer units but act and function just like a dump truck.
How far are the mines?
Our mines have varying distance depending on your location. From Miami Beach, the closest Miami Limestone sourcing location / quarry is 24 miles. Depending on traffic, it can take one hour to an hour and a half to get to the quarry. From Fort Lauderdale beach, the closest Miami limestone is 37 miles which can take an hour to an hour and a half depending on traffic as well. From West Palm Beach, the closest Miami Limestone sourcing location is 76 miles and about an hour and a half one way. The same quarry sources the majority of Miami limestone which is used all over South Florida.
How long will it take once I place my order for my limestone to be delivered?
Typically once you place your order with us and we process payment, you can expect your delivery within one business day. Location of your work site, what time of day you place your order, traffic, and where we source your Miami Limestone all impact the delivery window. We work with several quarries to source the closest Miami Limestone to you and delivery time is very important to us. If you place your order before 10am, it is very common that we can deliver your Miami Limestone by the end of the day.
What should I expect or do before my limestone is delivered?
When we deliver your limestone, we are bringing very large trucks. If your delivery location is a residential address, we recommend having someone at home when it is delivered. Commonly we also recommend to get a 10×15 tarp for the load to be placed on. This protects your driveway or yard and also allows for minimal clean up. You should also make sure there are no vehicles in the way because we need a wide turn radius. Our trucks will only drive on solid surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and gravel and commonly they don’t leave the public right away because of the heavy weight of the trucks. If you are a commercial location, we would recommend having someone on site when we deliver the Miami Limestone and letting the driver know where to meet you at the construction entrance. We allow for minimal wait time but if the site is not ready for delivery you will still be charged for the load. We cannot dump the load in the street or any public right of way. It must be dumped on a private property or work site. Please be prepared to sign a delivery slip by the driver saying your limestone has been delivered.
Do you offer residential and commercial delivery?
We deliver to residential and commercial business locations. Please make sure to read our delivery instructions to make sure the site is ready. We are here to serve your needs for delivery and can help on any size job.
How much can be delivered in each truck load?
The majority of Miami Limestone is delivered in tandem axle dump trucks which can carry up to 13 tons or 26,000 pounds. If you need larger loads, we can deliver it in an end dump trailer which carries a higher weight capacity. If you need help calculating how much can be delivered, you can call us and we can walk you through how to calculate the amount depending on the use at your job site.
How much are the trucking services?
Trucking services depend on what size of load you need. Each delivery is calculated when you give us your job site address. Each quote that we give is a flat rate delivery by the load that includes the material. A typical rate for a dump truck is $90-$110 an hour. Traffic patterns at the time of your order can affect the order price or time quoted. For end dump rates, they are typically higher than dump truck rates but would only be needed if you have a very large work site or large delivery needs. We will quote your delivery price before you ever finalize an order.
What hours can you deliver?
Miami Limestone is sourced from several quarries around South Florida. The majority of these quarries open at 8am or 9am and close at 4pm or 5pm. This means the first delivery time, depending on the location, would be around 10am or 10:30am. The latest delivery would be 5pm or 6pm in the evening, depending on the hours of your job site.
Do you charge a flat fee for delivery or by the hour?
For delivery, you will get a standard contract that includes a quoted hourly rate that will include the material cost. If there are unforeseen wait times like extra wait time on site there can be additional delivery charges, but typically the quoted delivery price is a flat rate that won’t change.
What other products do you deliver?
The majority of what we deliver is limestone because of its wide use and application in the construction. We can deliver any construction aggregate like asphalt, sand, etc with our trucks. We can also source limestone pavers or other limestone applications. We just need you to let us know what other types of materials you are looking for because more than likely we have delivered it before.
Are there any days you aren't open or available to deliver?
The majority of the quarries that we source from are open Monday through Friday. On Saturdays some quarries are open and if your job site is close enough it may be possible to deliver on the weekend. We can only deliver limestone on the hours where we can source it.
How do you load the limestone into dump trucks and how do you unload it onto the job site?
The limestone is loaded into dump trucks with a front end loader. The dump trucks are weighed on the way in and out of the quarry so that the accurate amount of material is delivered to your job site depending on how large of an order you placed. When we get to the job site, the dump trucks or end dumps unload the limestone by tipping up and dumping it in a large pile.
How many axles do the dump trucks that deliver have?
All of the dump trucks that deliver the Miami Limestone are tandem axle dump trucks or end dumps.

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