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Limestone delivery is a process of locating the correct limestone product whether it is an aggregate or a finished product like a paver or tile. 

The first step in limestone delivery is speaking to the customer about their needs and what the limestone is going to be used for. There is a big difference of limestone being used as a driveway base compared to limestone pavers being used around a pool. Talking to the customer helps find out their exact needs and our company can make a professional recommendation. 

The next step in limestone delivery is sourcing. Sometimes the product a customer needs may be priced lower at one stone quarry or supplier than another, so Miami Limestone reaches out to our suppliers to price the product portion or material cost. Once we locate where the material will be sourced from, we move onto the next step of limestone delivery which is finding the best delivery method. 

For limestone delivery, the majority is delivered on a truck. If it is a raw aggregate sourced from a quarry, the limestone will be brought in a dump truck. If it is more of a finished product like limestone pavers or limestone tile, typically it is brought in a flat bed truck and delivered on skids with a forklift directly to a business or residential address. 

Before we finalize the limestone delivery, we walk the customer through the whole process and work with them to meet their needs. Some customers have special instructions upon delivery that are needed to communicate to the driver of the truck. Either way, Miami Limestone is here to meet your limestone delivery needs. Please fill out a contact us form and we would love to help you out with your limestone needs. 

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