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Is limestone a good choice for flooring?

Limestone flooring, like marble or granite, is a natural material. Because of its distinct composition, it works well as a specialized flooring type. Limestone flooring is a beautiful natural stone that is quite versatile. It is available in limestone tiles, slabs, pavers, and even mosaics. Limestone flooring’s muted earthy tones make it a popular choice in rustic, traditional, and farmhouse home designs. Limestone flooring is classified into four types: limestone tiles, pavers, slab flooring, and mosaics. But today we’ll look at limestone tiles, which are one of the most frequent varieties of limestone flooring. Limestone tile is mostly used inside. Limestone tiles are cut in standard sizes and are 1/4′′ or 1/2′′ thick. Limestone tile colors ranges in various muted earth shades like beige, ivory, pink, rust, brown, gray, and gold.

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Is limestone tile expensive?

Limestone flooring is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as to pave shower floors and pool or patio areas. It is typically available in neutral colors ranging from ivory to golden brown. Limestone flooring has a rustic or ancient appearance. Limestone and travertine can be confused, but limestone is smoother and has more neutral colors, whereas travertine has more imperfections and grain and a wider range of colors.

Typical costs:

Limestone Floor Tiles: $3-10 per Square Foot

DIY Installation: $3-11 per Square Foot

Professional Installation: $6-17 per Square Foot

Are limestone tiles high maintenance?

Limestone is a long-lasting material that performs well in high-traffic locations. No material, however, is maintenance-free, and even limestone flooring is not indestructible. The flooring may chip, discolor, crack, or become worn with time. Maintaining limestone flooring will help it last longer and look great in the interim.

Do limestone tiles stain?

Because limestone is a porous material, it is prone to staining if not sealed. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring that these tiles last a lifetime.

Are limestone tiles easy to clean?

Limestone is a natural stone that, if properly cared for, may last a very long period. This long-lasting material has been used for thousands of years throughout Europe and around the world. While it can last for millennia, it can etch and stain if not properly cared for, as do most other materials. Different materials require different methods of treatment. We want your limestone flooring to seem as beautiful and luxurious as it did when it was first placed, so that is what we will look at today.

One advantage of limestone flooring is that it requires little maintenance. Unless there is a spill or other type of mess, it does not need to be cleaned on a daily basis. However, cleaning it once a week will help keep it looking new. All you need to clean it on a daily basis is a simple multi-surface cleaner made of limestone. Use a soft sponge or cloth and avoid using any brushes with hard bristles that could etch the surface. Limestone flooring can also be swept, but only with a soft-bristled broom.

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