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Limestone Types

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#4 Limestone Ballast Stone

This product is great for erosion control or muddy roads or can be used to support heavy vehicles. The average size of it is 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. It is typically crushed in an angular fashion and sold as an aggregate.

#5 Limestone Gravel

This is limestone aggregate that is crushed in an angular size and is much more uniform in size. The typical size is 1”. Typically #5 Limestone Gravel can be used for driveways, as a stabilizer in soil, as back fill, as concrete or surface treatment for asphalt.

#57 Limestone Gravel

This stone is a limestone aggregate that is crushed in an angular fashion. The size ranges are typically 0.5 inches up to an inch. #57 limestone aggregate is one of the most commonly used gravels and is typically used for drainage like French drains, vehicle pads and driveways, walkways, and also as a concrete mix.

#67 Limestone gravel

This is a limestone aggregate that is crushed in an angular fashion and typically comes in a size of 0.5 inches up to 0.75 inches. It is a little more uniform in size when delivered than #57 limestone. Both are used interchangeably but typically the more common one is #57 if size can be less uniform. The typical applications of #67 limestone gravel include driveways, walkways, French drains and other drainage controls, and concrete mix and applied before concrete is poured.

#89 limestone gravel

This is a smaller stone that is typically sourced from limestone or sandstone and ranges in size from very small to 0.375 inches. This limestone is typically used in concrete and asphalt mixes as well as used in applications like retaining walls and driveways behind the poured walls.

#9 limestone gravel

This is a crushed aggregate that is typically approx 0.375 inches and angular. The small size typically allows them to be used for leveling and makes them easy to move while the angular shape keeps them in the same place. The most common application is used for leveling.

Crushed Lime Rock / Limerock (Road Rock which is DOT Approved)

This limestone rock is crushed and is most commonly used to pave roads and is DOT approved. It is one of the most commonly purchased rocks.

Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) 40 Material

This is a limestone rock used as a stabilizing material or used for wash outs or used as a subgrade material that is compacted below roadways.

Cyclone Sand or Mason Sand

This is a fine sand that is considered a “beach sand” that is used as a bedding for electrical wiring and conduit and other types of piping most commonly. It is a very fine material.

Fill Sand

Fill sand is a fine sand used for common applications like filling holes or backfill to bring a construction site back to grade.

Concrete Screenings or Crushed Screenings

After concrete or buildings are demolished the additional concrete can be recycled and crushed and used as a fill material. The most common application is for driveways and roads and pathways and as drainage.

Asphalt Millings

Single processed asphalt millings are an affordable way to create a driveway or use as a top layer for pathways or surfaces where vehicles may drive on.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is used to fill in uneven surfaces or holes in your property or construction site. Fill dirt is a lower quality fill and may have small rocks and typically hasn’t been screened.

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